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Who Are We?
About Mapview:
What sets us apart from our competitors is our mission to robustly follow our vision to be the centre of excellence in Geo Spatial & Green IT solutions.
Established in the year 2009 in Calicut, Kerala and perched for exponential growth throughout the years, we are now one of the most preferred outsourced vendors of Geo-spatial IT applications for clients based in the Middle East, Asia- Pacific and East-African markets. Having led the way into the markets providing Data centers, MapView has proven its capability by utilizing newest technologies to deliver effective, cost saving and value-creating IT solutions extending its way up to Geospatial Development as well. With an immensely talented workforce, our Operations wing has always been in front to bring out the best in the people through researches thus resulting in the formation of new products and applications including Knowledge Management Portals and Geo BI

Concept of 'Glocal' (Think Globally, Act Locally) invading the thoughts, we are all set to be the best in what we do.

Our Vision:
Dedicated to improve our customers' performance throughout our ventures, MapView is all set to turn into one of the world's leading Geo-spatial solutions provider and innovative R&D powerhouse.
Our Vision - "To be the centre of excellence in Geo Spatial & Green IT Solutions"
While our vision defines our destination, Our core values serve as our roadmap, guiding our actions for the benefit of all of our clients & stakeholders. Inspiring to be the prominent hand in Web development, Virtualization via Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, Geo Business Intelligence and Knowledge Management Portals, MapView is urging to reach its dream to be a renowned learning organization.

Our Values:

Stay Tuned:
We are always tuned-in to our customers, people and the society. Our success is based up on the core definitions of ethical business decisions and respect to people.

We wouldn't say that we work for our clients, But "We Work With Them". It's always the final say of clients that matters to us.

We believe that independence fosters growth and creativity. Our company remains financially independent, and our talented work-pool helps us to improve our organization and customer satisfaction with dazzling ideas that always end up in groundbreaking innovations. In MapView, people are always encouraged to take initiatives and work on their own.

We love what we do and that's how we succeed. In every process we perform, energy and innovation are inevitably experienced.

Knowledge Driven:
We believe on the concepts of Knowledge Sharing to be an integral part of our growth.
Knowledge Shared= Knowledge Squared

The Company's quality depth and breadth of integrated processes, experience and resources facilitate implementation of wide array of projects, regardless of scope and location.

Our Mission:
Our Mission "Provide Affordable, Innovative & Quality oriented solutions" is to define the path towards our vision. We are known by our values of team-work, passion and creativity.

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