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Why Data centers?
Is your present IT infrastructure fit for your growing business needs? Have you ever thought of organizing all these complex IT architectures in one place and providing optimized service to all user ends? How better it would be to focus on your core business rather than worrying about your own IT issues faced so often?

Let it be the optimization of Desktop PCs or even servers; we @ MapView can help you to be the best in your industry by finding solutions to all your uncertainties regarding your IT infrastructure. What you require might be a facility to accommodate all computer systems and associated peripherals and share it to users as a single storage unit from where everyone can access the information quickly and work more efficiently and effectively. Fully optimized virtualization of your IT infrastructure, that's what MapView's endeavor would be.

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Desktop virtualization, the concept of separating a personal computer desktop environment from a physical machine using the client–server model of computing is achieved through Virtual Desktop Infrastructure. MapView makes use of the advanced technology Zero Client or ultra thin technology.

Some prominent features of our data center:

  • Streamlined and Simplified Desktop Management
  • Reduced Desktop Maintenance and Support Costs, reduced TCO up to 70 %

    • Automate deployment and maintenance
    • Reduce power consumption
    • Substantially reduce Service Tickets
  • Improved Security and Compliance with better protection of intellectual assets.

    • No Software, No Program Counter
    • All data is stored centrally
  • Centralized management of PC helpdesk issues, IT is no longer required to be on site.

    • Desktop Pools
    • User Sessions
    • Zero Clients
    • Policies
    • User Access
  • Desktops are deployed and provisioned rapidly in minutes rather than days by deploying hardware independent virtual machines from templates.
  • Connects users to their computer from virtually anywhere.
  • Improves User Satisfaction & Productivity.

Through Our Datacenter Implementations
we promote Green IT strategy