3D Cities

Geo-spatial Development

Creating Geographical Intelligence
Though maps have been an inevitable part of human life for millenniums, it is only within the last few decades the rapid emergence of technology has brought 3-dimentional digitization of maps with the help of computer graphics resulting in the formation of Geographic Information Systems. We could create a system for you to make robust decisions where GIS is the most meaningful answer which provides you power to relate and integrate various technologies together to develop the most feasible solution.

Having established as a leading utility mapping services provider, our strong belief is that it's not about what all software we rely on to develop such a system, but more significantly what we require is an indispensable understanding of geospatial data and its representation within a GIS environment.

  • Navigate and explore freely from maps to reports and vice versa
  • Reducing time consumption by generating reports easily from maps
  • Cost effective products to create highly interactive thematic e-maps for business analysis
  • Visualization provides the means to effectively synthesize detailed data into information analyze it and present this content in a comprehensible mode to users.
GIS Implementation:
Our highly skilled team digitizes maps & drawings and converts them from raster to vector formats in order to co-ordinate Spatial data, Non-spatial data and the affairs between them.

To create a better perspective of geography, we create different layers according to the requirements and valuable opinions from clients. By providing accurate, rapid, cost- effective and thoroughly professional digitizing/vectorizing solutions we are flourishing to be one of the top favourites in the GIS arena..

MapView has already proven its capability by creating Geo Spatial applications including:

  • GIS for Education
  • GIS for Tourism
  • GIS for Banks
  • GIS for Business
  • GIS for Decision making