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Knowledge Management Portals

Manage Your Irreplaceable Capital

Are you organized? Do you feel lack of e-document categorization and storage facilities is affecting your organization's productivity? Don't you think enhancing employee collaboration through virtual discussions could help you to achieve better results in a flash time? Have you ever considered about storing all the knowledge that you could possess and reusing it? Can you imagine the profit this could bring to your operations?

If you have not, start thinking about it right away and solve you indefinite anxieties with our brand new KM strategy that comes with a portal. Our KM strategy can answer all your questions and solve your indefinite anxieties.

This can easily be achieved by sharing the experiences & knowledge and making it useful whenever we need using a portal. In simplest way, a complete solution that we provide to organize the information and knowledge flow throughout the organization, KMs behavioral side is a blend of various streams including Quality, Sales, HR, Innovation and Operations.

Once a knowledge climate is fostered, what you require is a portal with which you can carry out all the operations in a virtual nature. A portal- where you can store all your documents (easier information retrieval) and keep track of all the workflows in various projects at the same time, in other words a virtual workplace is what we are mentioning about. Below given are the advantages you could make out of our KM portal to raise your bar and improve your business standards.

Major attractions of our Portal

  • Improves coordination, collaboration, and accountability.
  • Improves the ability to analyze program effectiveness.
  • Promotes standardized data-collection methodology
  • Facilitates timely feedback and approval.
  • Generates useable reports of individual and aggregate data
  • Combines multiple forms into one online system.
  • Streamlines and tracks plan/reporting approval process.
  • Identifies contractor training needs.
This KM portal can be used for the explicit and systematic management of vital knowledge and its associated processes of creating, gathering, organizing, diffusion, use and exploitation in pursuit of organizational objectives by integrating information, collaboration, processes & expertise.